Healthy Evening Tea Time Snacks Recipes


As the sun sets and the evening approaches, there is no one who doesn’t crave some delicious tea Snacks Recipes, especially when they are healthy and nutritious. Did you know that snacking prevents you from overeating later in the day, as well as boosts your metabolism, which, in turn, keeps you energized? It is also a great way to add extra nutrients to our diet, some of which our daily diets usually lack.

Here are some tea time recipes totally worthy for mindful munching :

Masoor Dal Chips

[Source: Thatveganbabe]

These baked lentil chips are high in protein and free of gluten, nuts, seeds, and grains. They are a true treat made from scratch


  • 1 cup Masoor Dal
  • 4 tbsp Tomato puree
  • 1 Slice Onion
  • 2 Cloves Garlic
  • ½ tsp Turmeric Powder
  • 1 tsp Red chili Powder
  • 2 tbsp Apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tbsp Maple syrup
  • pinch of Salt and Pepper
  • ¾ cup Water
  • 1 tbsp dried basil.


  • Make sure the lentils are soaked for at least one hour, and it is best if they are soaked overnight. Rinse and drain the lentils, then combine everything else except the basil in a blender.
  • Blend until smooth, then add the basil.
  • Pour into a greaseproof paper-lined baking dish and spread to the edges.
  • Bake at 190°C for 30 mins.
  • As soon as the edges of the lentil chips are golden, remove them from the oven. Let the lentil chips cool for 10 minutes on a wire rack.
  • The lentil chips can be eaten right away or stored in an airtight container up to 3 days after baking.

Crispy Chana Dal Falafel


These Chana Dal Falafels are full of protein and easy to eat. And despite being deep-fried, they are not at all greasy!


  • 1 cup Chana Dal 
  • 1 tbsp Oil
  • 2 tbsp Ginger-Garlic-Chili Paste
  • ½ tsp Turmeric Powder
  • ½ tsp Red Chili Powder
  • 1 tsp Coriander Seeds grounded
  • 1 tsp Cumin Powder
  • 1 ½ tsp Salt
  • 1 tbsp Chopped Coriander Leaves
  •  Pinch of Baking Powder
  •  ¼ tsp Garam Masala


  • Let the Chana Dal soak for 2-3 hours in warm water. Drain the dal and grind it in batches so you can grind it coarsely.
  • Add all the ingredients to the ground dal and blend until it is fairly grainy in texture and forms into balls of about 3 cm in diameter.
  • Using medium heat, fry them until they are medium brown. 
  • Transfer them to a plate with paper towels. You can eat this falafel with a pita, tahini, chili chutney, or salad, or even just by themselves. Absolutely delicious!

Wholesome Pani Puri 

[Source: istockphotos]

Fried, crispy, hollow dough balls served with spiced water make Pani Puri, a perfect tea time and a favorite snack for many!


  • 1 packet of Danfe Uncooked Pani Puri
  • ½ cup chopped Mint Leaves 
  • 1-inch Ginger chopped
  • 2 Green Chilies 
  • 1 tbsp Tamarind 
  • 4 tbsp Jaggery Powder 
  • 1 tsp roasted Cumin Powder
  • 1 tsp Chaat Masala Powder
  • ⅓ cup Water for blending
  • 1 tbsp Boondi
  • Salt as per taste

Pani Puri Stuffing

  • 2 to 3 Potatoes 
  • 1 Onion chopped
  • 1 tbsp chopped Coriander Leaves
  • 1 tsp roasted Cumin Powder
  • 1 tsp Chaat Masala Powder
  • ¼ tsp Red Chili powder


Pani Puri Stuffing

  • Potatoes should be boiled until they are tender. When they are done, peel them and chop them.
  • Finely chop the onions. In a small bowl, combine the potatoes, onions, coriander leaves, cumin powder, chaat masala powder, and black salt. Mix well and set aside.

For Spiced Water

  • Pour all the ingredients for the pani into a blender. Add water and grind to a fine chutney.
  • Remove the green chutney to a large bowl and check the seasoning. If necessary, add more salt, jeera powder, chaat masala, or jaggery. 
  • To the pani, add the boondi. You can chill the pani or spiced water in the refrigerator or add some ice cubes to it.

Assembling the puris

  • Fry the Danfe Uncooked panipuri and set aside
  • Make a crack in the top of the puri.
  • Add 2 to 3 teaspoons of the boiled potato-onion filling to the poori.
  • Stir the green pani first, and then add it to the poori. 

Poha Chivda

[Souce: CookwithManali]

Chivda is a quick and delicious snack made with poha, spices, dry fruit, nuts, and a hint of salt and sugar. 


  • 2 cups Poha 
  • ⅓ cup Peanuts
  • ⅓ cup roasted Chana Dal 
  • 4 tbsp Coconut Slices 
  • ⅓ cup Cashews
  • 2 tbsp Raisins
  • ⅓ cup Oil 
  • 15 Curry Leaves
  • a pinch of Hing
  • ½ tsp Turmeric powder
  • ¼ tsp Red Chili Powder or more to taste
  • ½ tsp Salt adjust to taste
  • ½ Black Pepper or to taste
  • 2 tsp Powdered Sugar or to taste


  • Roast the thin poha in batches in a heavy-bottomed pot or Kadai. Set it aside to cool on a plate. Next, roast all the ingredients one by one, starting with the peanuts, followed by dahlia dal and cashew nuts. The raisins should be roasted with about a teaspoon of oil until they puff up, then removed and set aside. Roast the coconut slices as well. Remove all the dried fruits and nuts onto a plate. Set aside.
  • Meanwhile, prepare the tempering. Heat oil in the same Kadai, add in mustard seeds, then add fennel seeds, green chilies, and curry leaves. 
  • Switch off the heat, and add in the dry spices – salt, sugar, turmeric. Mix well.
  • On medium-low heat, mix well and stir continuously for 2-3 minutes. Turn off the heat. When it’s warm, the chivda will be a little chewy, but once it’s completely cooled, it will become crisp. 

A snack is equally important to a person’s body as a meal. Healthy snacking is a way to inculcate additional nutrition in one’s diet by indulging in them between meals. Healthy evening snacking can help maintain blood sugar levels and eliminate fatigue caused by the day’s activities. We have compiled some of the easy and healthy snack recipes that are a perfect tea accompaniment. Do try them out!


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