Sesame Seeds: Nutrition, Health Benefits, and More


sesame seeds benefits

Sesame seeds are tiny, oil-rich seeds that are known to be one of the oldest spices. These seeds are versatile and nutritious with a nutty flavor. There are two types of sesame seeds: white sesame seeds and black sesame seeds. Although they are grown from the same plant, there are a few differences between black and white sesame seeds, ranging from color and flavor to nutritional content. 

Difference Between Black and White Sesame Seeds 


The most obvious difference between black and white sesame seeds is their color. The difference in color results from the fact that black sesame seeds are unhulled while white sesame seeds are hulled. Removing the hull is what exposes the white inner parts of the seeds.


When it comes to fragrance, white sesame seeds are sweeter and nuttier while black sesame seeds taste slightly bitter since they are unhulled. This makes black sesame seeds slightly crispier as well compared to white sesame seeds.

Sesame Seeds’ Nutrition

A less obvious difference lies in the sesame seeds’ nutrition. Both types of sesame seeds contain similar nutrients. However, black sesame seeds are known to have a higher calcium content than white sesame seeds. 

Sesame Seeds Health Benefits

Sesame seeds’ nutrition is one of the biggest reasons for their popularity around the world. Both of these seeds are known to be excellent sources of antioxidants, calcium, fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. They also contain anti-inflammatory properties. 

Owing to the difference in sesame seeds’ nutrition, black sesame seeds’ benefits are different from white sesame seeds’ benefits. Sesame seed’s health benefits range from pain relief to protection from serious illnesses such as diabetes and arthritis.

Black Sesame Seeds Benefits

Black Sesame Seeds Benefits


Helps Prevents Cell Damage 

Antioxidants help repair damaged cells, slow the rate of cell damage, and kickstart cell repair, and recovery.

Helps Strengthens Bones

Calcium and zinc in Black Sesame Seeds slow the rate of bone loss helping keep the bones healthy and strong, and help prevent diseases like osteoporosis. 

Supports Digestive Health

Omega 3 fatty acids and fiber in Black Sesame Seeds lubricate intestine walls, improve bowel movements, and protect the digestive system from issues. 

Promote Lactation for Nursing Mothers

B vitamins, zinc, magnesium, copper, unsaturated fats improve the flow of breast milk and contribute to healthy child development.

Helps Control Blood Pressure

Magnesium helps lower blood pressure while lignans, vitamin E, and antioxidants prevent plaque buildup in the arteries.  

White Sesame Seeds Benefits


Helps Fight PCOS

White Sesame Seeds are beneficial for people suffering from PCOS as the nutrients present in these seeds don’t spike insulin levels and help regularize hormone disorders.

Boosts Immunity

Nutrients present in White Sesame Seeds aid in the production of white blood cells which help fight diseases. These seeds also boost levels of zinc, benefiting those with zinc deficiency.

Rich Source of Vitamin B

Vitamin B regulates cell function and boosts metabolism. Regular intake of these seeds can help vegetarians meet their daily dose of Vitamin B.

Helps Control Blood Pressure

White Sesame Seeds protect cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure and reducing the strain on the cardiovascular system. 

Uses of Sesame Seeds 


Sesame seeds are extremely popular worldwide and are used to make cooking oil, dressings, and sauces. They are even used as a seasoning, and often added to salads and bread. Being a rich source of protein, there are even protein bars made purely out of sesame seeds to fuel the body for intense activities. 

Sesame seeds’ benefits, however, extend beyond their culinary purposes. These superfoods also offer beauty benefits like: 

Stimulate Hair Growth

The omega fatty acids present in sesame seeds help repair hair damage, strengthen the roots, moisturize the scalp, and improve blood circulation, thus rejuvenating hair follicles and triggering hair growth.


Sesame seeds contain anti-aging properties that are much owed to their antioxidants. These antioxidants help prevent aging. 

Boost Skin Health

Because sesame seeds contain anti-inflammatory properties, they do wonders for the skin as well. The oils present in sesame seeds help keep the skin soft and supple and heal sores and redness. 

In addition to all the body and beauty benefits sesame seeds provide, these seeds are extremely easy to incorporate into meals. Craving a sandwich? Sprinkle in sesame seeds on top of the filling. Want a nutritious snack? Make hummus at home using sesame seeds. Torn about dinner? Make sesame chicken. If you are vegetarian, make sesame paneer. The possibilities are truly endless with these super seeds!


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